Where You Can Work

Volunteer Placements

In a country such as Uganda, 95 percent of doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals live and work in large cities. But 95 percent of the country’s citizens live outside the capital in towns and villages that lack any type of advanced medical care.

This is why Medical Journeys focuses on rural areas, the places where the need is greatest.

While some volunteers are placed, on request, in larger hospitals, most work in smaller, district hospitals and rural clinics. These facilities serve the poor, subsistence farmers and others who have the greatest need.

These hospitals and clinics do not work in isolation. They are integrated into a healthcare network and serious cases are referred to larger facilities as needed, but for most Africans these rural facilities provide the only medical care they will receive in their lifetimes.

Medical Journeys will work with you to find a placement that matches your skills and interests. Depending on the size of the hospital or clinic, it may be possible to work in these departments:

  • Adult general medicine

  • Pediatric medicine

  • Maternal fetal medicine

  • Surgery

  • Psychiatry

  • Radiology

  • Laboratory medicine

  • Orthopedics

  • Neurology

Some volunteers are connected to medical facilities but work out in the community on public health projects.