What You Can Do When You Volunteer

The Volunteer Experience


Whatever your motivation for volunteering in Africa, Medical Journeys will match you to an opportunity that meets your needs and expectations.

Mid-career physicians and nurses: You will quickly find yourself working directly with your African colleagues to provide direct medical care. Those who have recently retired: You will be called on to share your many years of hands-on experience with others.  Those with specific areas of expertise: You will be asked to train and mentor the dedicated staff at the rural clinics where you are placed.

Medical students and nursing students: Your knowledge of medicine will grow as theory meets the reality of working in a frontline hospital or clinic.

For those working towards a career in the fields of medicine or public health, you will be asked to take up tasks appropriate to your skills and interests. Past volunteers have undertaken such varied tasks as working in a pediatric ward or organizing training for adolescent girls on the benefits of delayed pregnancy, birth control, and HIV/AIDs prevention.

Since we work closely with Imaging the World, our partner organization with deep connections in rural health clinics in Africa, Medical Journeys volunteers are always warmly welcomed. More importantly, you will be put to work doing meaningful work that fulfills your needs while also helping improve healthcare in poor, rural communities.   

Note: We follow the AAMC guidelines for premedical and medical students providing patient care while abroad.