In Your Free Time

On the Weekends and Following your Placement

The focus of Medical Journeys is healthcare, the work you’ll be doing while in Africa. But while your work is highly important, we understand that there are weekends and time after your placement when you may wish to see more of the country and culture around you.

To help you see and experience more, we can recommend reputable companies that can take you exploring help you immerse yourself in the wonders of East Africa.

You may wish to hike through mountains that are home to Silverback Gorillas – the only place in the world.  You may choose a fishing adventure on the great Lake Victoria or decide to raft down the raging rapids of the Nile that it feeds. 

National parks, such as Queen Elizabeth, the Rwenzori Mountains, and others will provide sights and experiences completely unique in the world.  Whatever you might like to do, it is our goal to ensure that your experience is both rewarding and safe.