Volunteering in Uganda

Uganda Placements

Uganda is not among the poorest countries in African, yet it faces critical challenges with healthcare. The vast majority of Ugandans live outside Kampala, the capital city, but most hospitals and medical personnel are in Kampala. This has left the majority of Ugandans with extremely limited access to medical care.

Take these statistics, for example:

  • 6,000 Ugandan women die annually due to pregnancy-related complications

  • The leading cause of death for girls ages 15-18 is pregnancy

  • Most pregnancy-related deaths occur in remote, underserved areas and are associated with hemorrhage or obstructed labor.

Statistics in other health fields are equally discouraging.

The challenges faced by pregnant women are why our partner, Imaging the World, began work in Uganda. They have brought ultrasound equipment and training to rural hospitals and clinics so that troubled pregnancies can be diagnosed early.

Volunteers from Medical Journeys are welcomed and put directly to work in these clinics. Those with specific medical expertise are naturally in demand, but all types of skills can be useful and will quickly be put to use.

Here is more information about some locations in Uganda where we normally place volunteers:

Imaging the World is currently expanding to new sites in Uganda and Medical Journeys will grow into these sites as well.