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Medical Journeys

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Preferred phone
Gives us a short biography of yourself.
In a paragraph, tell us what has led you to volunteering in Africa.
In a paragraph please tell us what has attracted you to the medical fields.
In a paragraph, please explain when you plan to begin your studies and what you plan to study.
Please write a paragraph describing your studies and your expected completion date.
Please describe your credentials, specializations and other expertise you have to offer.
If so, please explain where and when.
Do you have plans to travel to other countries while in Africa or otherwise spend time exploring? If so, what do you ave in mind?
Do you have any special needs with regards to physical or mental health which we should take into account when placing you in a volunteer position?
Are there any dietary needs or limitations we should be aware of?
Please provide the names and contact information of 2 references:
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