before you go

1. date and location

After speaking with one of our representatives to ensure that this type of experience is what you are looking for, then it is time to pick a date and a location ! Start dates are limited to the first and second Mondays of the month.  Locations are subject to availability so reserving early is a good idea.

2. travel clinic

It is important to set up a visit with a travel clinic to get the necessary immunization shots and prescriptions for an anti-malaria medication.  You'll need this documentation to enter and exit the country.

3. plane ticket

We can help you with the proper dates to leave and return to make your trip as smooth as it can be.  It's a long way to travel so knowing what to expect and how to prepare is key.

4. travel insurance


You're going to need to get some travel insurance to protect you on your trip.  We have a partnership with xxxx that will offer you a discounted rate, but your are free to obtain it from the company of your choosing.

5. get visa

Traveling to Uganda requires all visitors to obtain a visa.  The easiest way is to get an e-visa.  You'll need a few things to get it done but the company we use makes it fast and fairly easy.

Last thing to do is start packing ! In our informational packet we'll put together a list of things that we like to have when we're down there.  Preperation is key !

6. start packing