Nyamwegabira Health Centre III

Nyamwegabira, Uganda

Sitting on a hill within the Kanungu District in southwest Uganda just outside the town of Kihihi lies Nyamwegabira Health Centre III, a rural health clinic with mid-level service capabilities.  This facility has a high volume of prenatal care, prenatal sonograms and deliveries.  There is also general inpatient admissions.  Volunteers who are eager to do a specialty training in nursing, midwifery, and sonography, are especially encouraged.



The guesthouse is immediately located across the street from the facility and is fully enclosed by a fence. The rooms are simple but clean and contain a bed, desk and chair. The rooms have locking doors and the site is very secure. There are self-contained bathrooms with a toilet, sink and shower. The water is cold running but hot water is available upon request. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served in the dining room. Special diets can be accommodated, including vegetarian and vegan as well as allergies. There is a main sitting area as well as both an indoor and outdoor bar. Live music may be played on weekends until approximately 10 PM.