Bwindi Community Hospital

Bwindi, Uganda

Resting at the gateway to the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest the Bwindi Community Hospital began just as an outreach clinic under a tree.  Founded in 2003 by Scott Kellermann, the hospital has grown into a 112-bed Hospital providing health care and health education services to a population of over 100,000 people.  One feels like they're in a movie during the daily morning singing and prayers that set the intentions for the day.  Bwindi has it's owning nursing school in which Imaging the World (ITW) is actively involved with, along with a surgical theater, laboratory, diagnostic imaging, HIV clinic, pediatrics, and extensive community outreach programs.  Plenty for both the experienced and unexperienced volunteer to get their hands on.

Center of the Bwindi Community Hospital

Center of the Bwindi Community Hospital



Our friend Miss Jenny, is the head of the nursing school at Bwindi Community Hospital.  She has built a cute little private guest house to accommodate volunteers (meals provided daily).  Not only is it conveniently placed so one can walk to and from work, it is extremely valuable to have Jenny guide and support your involvement with the hospital during your stay.  Due to the influx of tourists, there are fancier options for which one can stay at an additional cost.